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 Destroyer Storyline

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Destroyer Storyline Pv8ASXt

Destroyer starts off as an ambitious, but humble, soldier hoping to prove himself in the Republic army. Quickly, he climbs up the ranks and becomes a part of a new elite squadron, code named the Sixth. In there he finds himself teaming up with other extremely talented individuals. He ends up becoming great friends, also great rivals, with two other Sixth members. Those two were Joshua333 and Parallel. He, along with those two, would stand out as the three best soldiers in the group.

During the Last Great War, the three would have a impeccable battle record when they were together. If it were not for their contribution, the Republic would have stood no chance versus the Sith Empire. Unfortunately, their impeccable record would come to a crushing end. In the battle of Polis Massa, they were completely outmaneuvered by the Grand MOFF Crapgamer's strategies. They would be defeated in a devastating fashion. The three narrowly escaped the battle with their lives.

Having suffered his first loss ever, Destroyer was extremely upset and blamed Joshua333 for the defeat. Joshua333 was responsible for strategies for the Sixth since he was the leader. Hearing that from his closest friend, Joshua333 was extremely hurt but understood he had failed the Sixth, Republic, and his friends. He decided to step down and let Destroyer lead the Sixth. The next battle would be on Yavin IV. It would be the battle that would settle everything.

Under immense pressure to lead the Republic to victory, Destroyer lead the Sixth in an awesome fashion. He had spent countless hours coming up with an optimal strategy. However, there was one tiny flaw with it. Joshua333 saw that single flaw in Destroyer's plan. He accidentally left a small, minuscule opening for the enemy to take advantage of. Joshua333 knew better than anyone that Crapgamer would see the opening. He did not tell anyone any of this, though. Still feeling guilty he had failed on Polis Massa, he took it on his shoulders alone to cover the blind spot. With a small unit of Republic soldiers, he would cover his leader's blindside. Just as he had predicted, the Crapgamer had sent a large squadron led by Rockethoe. With sheer determination, he managed to hold off Rockethoe's much larger squadron long enough to ensure a Republic victory.

It was not without paying the ultimate sacrifice though. He and the rest of his men would all be killed in action. When Destroyer found out what happened, he immediately went to the scene. There he saw Joshua333's lifeless body kneeled down near a tattered Republic flag. Even dead, he gripped onto the pole of the flag and kept it propped up. It was a sight that caused Destroyer to shed true tears. He had blamed him and accused him of being a terrible leader. Yet... To the very bitter end, Joshua333 protected the Republic and him.

The public would not learn of the great heroics of the fallen general. Instead, it would be Destroyer who would be titled the hero of the war. Destroyer disgusted with himself would resign from the Republic army, vowing that he would never fight again.

Destroyer Storyline 2iFhZGn

In the aftermath of the war, Destroyer would be informed by Parallel that it was Rockethoe who had killed Joshua333. Enraged by this, he decided to become a bounty hunter of sorts. He would hone the art of assassination so that one day he could strike down Rockethoe without mercy. Thus, he had become an avenger.

He would join up with Parallel, who was in a bounty hunter group lead by Delta. It would be in this group where he would find a partner in crime. That partner in crime was Iceman, a former Imperial soldier. At first, Destroyer did not take a liking to him because he was an Imperial. Over time though, he begun to realize he was not like the others. He, like Destroyer, also wanted to kill Rockethoe.

After time, the group would draw attention as being an enemy of the Sith Empire. This was because the group left the Republic alone while they constantly got in the Sith Empire's way. This was unlike most bounty hunter groups. Usually, they would always take the side of the Sith Empire. As they usually always offered more credits for their services.

Plus, Rockethoe had a score to settle with Destroyer. After-all, he was the one who was defeated in the war. Killing the general who had given him the disgusting taste of defeat would be the ultimate satisfaction. The Sith Empire would send an Imperial force along with one Sith to destroy the group. The Sith was Kratos, an up and coming Sith Lord who sought to become the next Dark Lord. Notables from the Imperial force were Rockethoe, SNIPES, and ShotDown.

The group's home base was located on Nar Shadda. It would be in their headquarters, that an intense battle would take place. Unfortunately for the bounty hunters, Parallel was out on a mission. Destroyer would quickly assess the situation and come up with a plan to lure the Imperials into a trap. The trap would be successful and capture the four. Destroyer enjoyed his victory and tortured Rockethoe while the other three were locked away so that he could collect their live bounties later.

Unfortunately, due to a crucial mistake by Iceman, Shotdown was able to free himself. Once freed, he released Kratos and SNIPES from their chambers. After that, they rushed to attempt to save Rockethoe. They arrived in the nick of time and successfully saved Rockethoe. He was hardly in any condition to fight after being tortured for so long. A massive chaotic fight would take place leading to all of Destroyer's remaining comrades' death. Delta seeing that the situation had become dire would flee the scene. Iceman was the only comrade he had left, but he was seriously injured. Destroyer had never been more furious. Once again, Rockethoe had killed his friends.

One against four, he would stand his ground mightily. He even managed to kill SNIPES while being outnumbered. Seeing SNIPES go down, Rockethoe and Shotdown decided that they would have to put their trust in the Sith. The two would create an opening for Kratos. The Sith would capitalize on their efforts. He struck down Destroyer, a man who he very much respected, without hesitation. They would leave thinking that he was one-hundred percent dead. Fortunately for Destroyer and Iceman, the Mand'alor(sole ruler) had business there that day. To his surprise, Acid, the Mand'alor, would find the two in critical condition. With his medical skills, he managed to save Destroyer and Iceman. Grateful that they had been rescued, the two decided to vow their allegiance to Acid.

Destroyer Storyline MFRlg2y

Submerged into the culture, Destroyer would quickly learn the language, traditions and customs. Most notably was the Mandalorian Code of Honor :

Strength is life, for the strong have the right to rule.
Honor is life, for with no honor one may as well be dead.
Loyalty is life, for without one's clan one has no purpose.
Death is life, one should die as they have lived.

Currently, a civil war that was taking place on the planet of Mandalore. One faction was led by Acid. They continued to live by the traditions that had been passed on for centuries. The other group, known as Neo-Crusaders, sought to rid the Mandalorians of their traditions. By doing this, they would submerge the world in anarchy  The Neo-Crusaders were led by Manda, nicknamed the 'False Leader' by Acid's followers. It would be in this civil war that Destroyer and Iceman would prove themselves as Mandalorian warriors.

The true Mandalorians would be victorious in the conflict on Mandalore. The Neo-Crusaders was fleed to Felucia, where they attempted to go into hiding. It was to no avail. The trio of Iceman, Destroyer, and Acid would eradicate the remaining Neo-Crusaders on Felucia without mercy.  It seemed that loyalty and honor triumphed anarchy and distrust.

Seeing Destroyer and Iceman as his equals, Acid decided to share leadership over Mandalore with them. They would title themselves the three Overlords of Mandalore. Acid's right-hand man, Spud, was furious when he heard of the news. So much so, that he attempted to overthrow the three's rule. The revolt would be a complete failure as he and his forces stood no chance versus their power. Spud would be incarcerated for treason.

Finally having stabilized Mandalore, the three decided to start a conquest in the galaxy. Their campaign had no boundaries. It did not matter if the planet ruled by the Sith or Republic or ruled by some other party. They only sought for total domination of the galaxy and they would destroy everyone who got in their way without mercy. The result of their thirst for control of the galaxy would result in a war between the Sith Empire and Mandalorians. The Republic remained neutral in the affair. The Dark Lord, Sinister, decided that he would allow Kratos to take care of it since he saw it as mundane. He only cared about destroying the Jedi Order. Because of that, he could care less about the Mandalorians.

This would be the start of the gruesome Mandalorian-Sith war. It would be a war in which both sides would suffer mass casualties. The total body count, including civilians, was said to be around two billion. The war was thought to be over when Destroyer got his revenge on Kratos when he struck him down on Tatooine. The Mandalorian did not take in account the power of the Dark Side. Calling on his anger and hatred, he was able to survive certain death.

Celebrating their victory on Mandalore, Destroyer and the rest had let their guard down. It would
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Destroyer Storyline
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