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PostSubject: Korriban Assault   Korriban Assault I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 05, 2014 11:09 pm

The ground shook violently. The cause of it was the Mandalorian slowly, yet menacingly, approaching the infamous Sith Academy. They had finally pinned down the LSJ forces where they wanted them.

"We cannot afford to lose here," LAK roared at the top of his lungs as sweat poured down his red face. He stood beside Kratos, who had a dead serious look on his face.

"Poison and Spider, leave," Kratos ordered the two.

"What," Spider asked instantly in shock.
"Why," Poison added as he was confused.

"You've done enough. The Empire will pay your reward," Kratos explained in a simple fashion.

"But... we can't just leave you guys here," Poison argued.

"You heard the man," BioStorm said with a smirk. "Scram!"

LAK nodded his head in agreement and used the Force to push them away. He then created a Force barrier which would block them from re-entering the battle. "Leave before it's too late," He told them.

"I won't leave," Poison still argued as he pounded his fist on the barrier LAK created.

Spider placed his hand on Poison's right-shoulder and urged him, "Let's leave. You heard them. They don't need us."

Poison gritted his teeth and agreed, "You're right. Let's go."

BioStorm let out a chuckle. "Now we can go all-out," He said in a joking fashion in spite of the dire situation. It was just them three left now. LAK and Kratos laughed at BioStorm.

"You're right. Let's do this thing," Kratos said as he confidently stood in place. The Mandalorians attempted to chuck grenades at the three, but Kratos used the Force to blow them up in mid-air. Seeing that their grenades were ineffective, they fired upon the three. LAK, this time, used the Force to create a barrier which deflected the lasers. They realized a long-range approach was ineffective. They would need to get closer to deal damage. Once they got close to LAK's barrier, he let it dissipate.

"Fools," Kratos insulted as he Force choked everyone that had gotten close. LAK quickly threw his Lightsaber in a boomerang fashion. Cutting down a good amount of the Mandalorians who got too close. BioStorm used his flamethrower to light all the sitting ducks on fire. Kratos, with the remaining soldiers he still was using Force choke on threw them backwards. Without hesitation, he ignited his Lightsaber and leapt through the opening he had created. LAK swiftly followed behind his friend.

BioStorm jetpacked into the air and gave the two cover-fire as best as he could with his dual blaster-pistols. He would land on top of the head of a statue of Washington. He let out a hell fire of wrist-rockets down in the seemingly endless amount of Mandalorian warriors.

The impact of Kratos' landing created a mini-quake. It was devastating to those within the radius of the quake. The victims were killed instantly by it. Witnessing such power, the usually always courageous Mandalorians were afraid. "Finish them," Kratos told LAK.

Hearing that, LAK laughed outrageously and charged lightning through both of his hands. The lightning chained as it used the Mandalorians as a conductor. "Die!"

Kratos laughed uncontrollably as he enjoyed the light show. It would go on for around thirty seconds. Shrieks of pain permeated the air.

Finally, LAK stopped and observed his work. "Not bad," Kratos half-complimented him. He then proceeded to plunge his Lightsaber in the chest of one of the close by Mandalorians who had survived.

Some had survived the severe electrocution. However, they did not have any will left to fight. BioStorm looked to finish off the survivors, but stopped as he saw three familiar figures approaching. He q

"They... they're he... they're here," One of the soldiers muttered out with their least breath. From left-to-right, it went Iceman, Destroyer, and then Acid.

"Please... avenge us," Another soldier managed to muster out as the three walked past them.

"Your deaths will not be in vain," Acid assured them.

"Thank you," The warrior said.

The three were in their usual Mandalorian armor. Destroyer was in his dark-red sleek armor. Iceman wore his light-blue heavy armor. Last but not least was Acid who was in his dark-blue medium-armor. All three were masks, which was customary for all Mandalorians.

Immediately, Iceman fired out a wrist-rocket at the statue BioStorm was perched on. The blow was directed as its base and it would cut it down. It was falling down on Kratos and LAK. The two were not concerned at all however. LAK used the force to levitate the huge statue over them and stopped it from falling any further. He then tossed it at the three Overlords.  In response, Acid used a Seismic disruptor to completely shatter the rock statue in tiny, harmless fragments.

"Where's your big army to back you," BioStorm asked the three.

Acid replied, "They'll be here soon but not until you're all dead."

In response, BioStorm whipped out one of his blasters and fired once at Acid's forehead. With ease, Acid sidestepped the shot. "I hope that's not the best you got."

After that, he charged at BioStorm. To defend himself, BioStorm used his flamethrower to try to stop the Overlord's advance. It was useless as Acid's armor was immune to all fire. "Damn it," BioStorm bitched as he jetpacked into the air.

Acid quickly drew his Mandalorian ripper, a slugthrower that ignored enemy shields. Because of this, it would pass through BioStorm's energy shield and take out his jetpack.

Without anything propelling him in the air, he fell down. However, he managed to regain his balance and landed on his feet. The Overlord fired off three shots in BioStorm's direction.

He would manage to dodge the attack by rolling out of the way. He then ensnared Acid with his Fibercord whip. As it tightened, he was forced to drop his weapon. "Gotcha," BioStorm said in a surprised fashion.

Back where the other four were still standing, no action had occurred yet. Once Acid's two comrades saw he was in danger, they immediately went to help him. Kratos and LAK quickly stopped that. Both drew their Lightsabers and Kratos said, "Where do you think you're going. Your fight is with me."

"Fair enough," Destroyer sighed. He then drew his legendary Darksaber and rushed Kratos. The two would go at it for a few minutes. Neither giving way to the other. The two had grown too familiar with the other's style. It looked as if they had done this a million times over. Sneakily during the exchange, Destroyer planted a mini-Shockwave generator onto his opponent's right-shoulder. "You're finished," Destroyer exclaimed.

"Shit," Kratos managed to say right before the shock waves were sent through his body. The force of it sent him dragging across the ground all the way to the statue of SuperDuper.

Witnessing his friend's demise, LAK quickly lunged at Destroyer recklessly. Iceman intercepted the attack with his signature Mythosaur axe. "You shouldn't let your guard down," Iceman told him with a slight smirk.

"I trust that you can take care of him," Destroyer asked Iceman focused still on Kratos.

"Of course," Iceman assured him. Destroyer then slowly walked towards where Kratos had been sent.

"It's moments like these that I wonder what it would've been like to be a Jedi," Kratos said softly as slowly got back on his feet. He then used the Force to bring his Lightsaber back to him. "I suppose I can't complain too much though."

His armor had been completely ravaged from the Shockwave generator. His body had gruesome cuts all over. "After-all, it's also moments like these that I love the most."

"What? How," BioStorm wondered as Acid had broken out of the Fibrocord. He quickly shot as many shots at Acid as he possibly could. Acid dodged them all with a quick roll. He picked back up his weapon and fired a single shot BioStorm. The shot would hit its mark, dealing a critical blow to BioStorm.
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