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 The General's sacrifice

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The General's sacrifice Empty
PostSubject: The General's sacrifice   The General's sacrifice I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2014 11:40 pm

"For the Republic," The soldiers bellowed at the top of their lungs as they stood behind their general, Joshua333. Fearlessly, they stood their ground against an army three times the size of their's.

Chaos ensued everywhere. The only sounds that could be heard were those of war. Lasers firing, explosions, and screams of pain permeated deep into the airs of Joshua333. He did not let it get to him though. He kept cool and collected. All he needed was his blaster-rifle. He mowed every Imperial in his sight.

"We can't let the General down," One of Joshua333's soldiers told his comrades.

Mortars that had been stationed by the Empire before the battle were being fired long-range at the Republic army. Somehow, someway Joshua333 navigated it all and led his men through the treacherous battlefield. "Don't let them pass. Took down the General," An Imperial ordered.

At that moment, Joshua333 was being fired at heavily. His energy shields were already at twenty-five percent. They would not hold up for much longer.

"There's no turning back now," Joshua333 told his men as he led the charge as he fired his blaster-rifle wildly.

In the far distance he saw Rockethoe aiming a Rocket Launcher directly at him and his men. "Stop," Joshua333 warned his men. They did not heed his warning as they understood what was happening.

"We will protect you," One of his loyal soldiers explained. "We're just clones after-all."

Some of his soldiers would get in front of their General to protect him.

"You-" Joshua333 attempted to stop them but it was too late. The missile had exploded in the center of the soldiers. "Can't," Joshua333 finished as he covered his face due to the force of the explosion. Once it ended, he bared witness to the corpses of his comrades.

"Finish the rest of em'," Rockethoe ordered loudly as he put away his Rocket Launcher. He whipped out two blaster-pistols and charged down the hill at Joshua333. All his men followed after him.

"We have gone too far to give up now now," Joshua333 told his remaining men as they prepared to make their final stand. "We just have to hold them off just a little bit longer," He continued as he chucked a grenade high into the air. "Fire everything!"

Heeding their commander's order, they fired forward at the enemy's.

Rockethoe continued his charge as he fired his dual pistols at Joshua333. Joshua333's shields would block the shots, but it would drain his shields down to five percent. "I have no choice," Joshua333 realized. He then started rushing at Rockethoe and his shields would last just long enough for him to get within arms-length.

"You're dead," Rockethoe exclaimed as he fired a shot in Joshua333's forehead. It would pierce into the general's skull, instantly killing him. Rockethoe laughed at the General's pathetic attempt to take him down. That was until he heard the noise of a grenade bouncing at his feet. "Shit!"

The grenade exploded and completely incinerated the dead General along with Rockethoe.
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The General's sacrifice
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